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Bludgeoning Riffola, Suitable For When Fucking the World She Wolves's Mach One: The Early Days by George Smith April 10th, 2007 2:38 PM

The cover art for the She Wolves' Mach One a chick in thigh-high boots, regarded from the waist down—capably tips off consumers to the exciting, get-hard punk-rock noise waiting inside. With Donna She Wolf (late of Cycle Sluts From Hell) on guitar and vocals, the band's forte is bludgeoning riffola that's often knuckle-dragging and provocative, as on "Art of War," with its shouts of "Undefeatable! Undefeatable!" Achieving density somewhere between Budgie and Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers, the She Wolves are in a pretty good place if you desire equal portions of catchy tunes and heavy rock. Bonus points accrue when the band backs the mighty Syl Sylvain on a wall-of-sound take on "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker"; at song's end is a clip of Joey Ramone fondly musing about seeing Syl's New York Dolls at the Mercer Arts Center. In the flesh, Jayne County also makes an appearance here, startlingly effective on a cover of "California Alles." "Fuck the world/Call some whores/We're gonna have some fun!" Donna declares. Who would beg to differ?


The album contains songs from the early phase of the band with lots of basic tracks recorded at the legendary CBGB’s. Cool, distorted old school shit, full of sweat, snot and bloody knuckles.

Vainstream, (Germany)


A pure example of why they call a threesome a power trio. She Wolves successfully walk the fine line between punk and metal.
Robert Francos, Shredding Paper (San Francisco, California)


...I can’t think of any way to describe how awesome this album is without using the word awesome in every other sentence. It’s so traditional and rocking it might just be too much rock in one CD. This album also has tribute songs like “Sheena is a Punk Rocker (The ramones) and “California Uber Alles” (Dead Kennedys). With every other song capable of getting your foot tapping or your head nodding. Their new take on “California Uber Alles” will keep you rocking and laughing time and time again!



Chicks singing punk music is so sexy and when Donna She Wolf sings it sends my blood pressure up a notch.
Part of this CD's name is "Mach One," and, as I listened to it, I thought my pulse was racing at least twice that speed. This CD is punk rock in its purest form: simple, direct, in-your-face and loud! Right from the opening chord you know whether you'll like this or hate it and I found my head bobbin’ with no conscious effort. Females singing punk ... works for me!

R. Scott Bolton, Rough Edge


This collection of twelve hard'n'heavy punk tunes is as gritty and as raw as they come, with sludgy guitars, snarling vocals and songs with titles like "Razor Clam," "Highway 69" and "Chainsaw."
Featuring ex-members of bands such as Cycle Slut From Hell, Mongrel Bitch and Electric Monster, you know this is gonna sound like it was written and recorded in a garage or on the street somewhere ... and it does ... but it's all part of its unique charm. Those who are tired of all the shiny pop punk out there can take solace in the gravelly realness of the She Wolves.

Sniderman, Rough Edge


Gnarling, Rabid, Guttural, Growling, Curled Quivering Lip, Sharp Yellow Fangs, Flecks of Spittle. The hair on the back of your pencilgeeking neck will stand at attention like a Ron Jeremy's purple helmet member. Lunging towards the seduction, submitting, drowning in the dance of the macabre. Enter the thigh high PVC boots. Down comes the heel into the flesh of life. Nine Tails cracking the eardrums of the petrified business elite. Stare into the eyes of The She Wolves.
The sounds of the She Wolves have been adorned with the likes of Sylvain Sylvain and excellent contributions from the queen of rock and roll-Jayne County. If Jayne's version of The Dead Kennedy's-California Uber Alles doesn't have your rolls of fat quivering then you as lame as Arnie's limp sausage.
Sugarbuzz Magazine


Drunk on gasoline... the SHE WOLVES send “Mach One - The Early Days”. Driving songs that make no excuses, raw and ready to cut loose. New York rock-n-roll at its finest featuring Sylvain Sylvain, Jayne County and Deb O’Nair. A drop dead mix that gets better with each track, they even throw in a few covers - “California Uber Alles” is our favorite.

Starr Tucker, NY Waste


Hardcore overdrive, psychobilly…heavy doom metal riffs that would fit well on a Black Sabbath album. She Wolves do not make one dimensional music. Not only for fans of Punk Rock!
Rocktimes (Germany)


This compilation is all elbows and knuckles, rumbling like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse pulling up in front of a kegger at the Goat Lord’s hovel, Donna She Wolf’s lupine growl caustic enough to give even Lemmy pause…
Otto Luck, RYM (internet)