Dave She Wolf

Dava She Wolf is a bona fide Lower East Side rock-and-roll lifer whose rare and sensational history (musical and otherwise) has led to many an amazing tale, both mythic and true. Relentless in pursuit of pure sonic assault, DSW has continued to maneuver through varied bands under assorted aliases while remaining impervious to good or bad press and extreme reaction, spanning the gamut of overzealous, suicidal fanatic to vitriolic, scathing detractor. As former meat-puppet to Cycle Sluts From Hell's Honey 1%'er she has toured with legends such as Motorhead, Joey Ramone, et al. and has even sang back up live for the Ramones. Her early song writing style is best exemplified in C.S.F.H.’s “I Wish You Were A Beer”, the video of which was heavily rotated on MTV’s Beavis & Butthead and revered by heavy metal’s great unwashed masses. Later after forming She Wolves, she wielded axe alongside personal songwriting idol Sylvain Sylvain of New York Dolls fame. After that a full length collaboration was in the works with none other than the incredible Jayne County, concocted with producer Paul Ena Kostabi and co-conspirator Tony Mann. Whether playing high end venues of legendary status or down and dirty squats with inadequate plumbing, DSW gives her full caliber all onstage to a discerning mix of rockers, punks and metalheads and all high-decibel aficionados across the globe.


Drummer Tony Mann has played with a wide array of musical legends, from GG Allin to Ornette Coleman, and has powered the music of such raw talents as Jayne County, Syl Sylvain, The Saints, Wreckless Eric, Dee Dee Ramone, and many more.  Together with his evil sister of music – Dava SheWolf – they have kept She Wolves alive and growing into the indomitable monster it is today.  With acute fluency in many styles of music, and a well-honed mastery of hand percussion, Mann’s arsenal of sonic bombast is unparalleled. Mann has befriended a number of top musicians and producers over the years and as a result has gleaned valuable knowledge from these alliances.  Utilizing this first-hand experience, he puts this knowledge to good use, both in the studio and onstage, in a succinct and pointed manner. Mann has been playing drums since the age of 3 and has the kind of live and recording experience it takes to wrangle the  She Wolves’ wild sound into a calculated assault of the senses.  His fiery, solid rhythms have driven She Wolves around the world and his soulful backing and lead vocal growl adds gritty spice to the overall mix. While performing, Mann nails down the sound and punctuates it with exciting flourishes of controlled brute force – somewhere between machine and animal.  Perhaps this is how Mann developed his “Wolfmann” moniker? You be the judge.


Guitarist Ash Gray comes via Austin Texas and the U.K. where he has developed his chops in a variety of styles ranging from classic rock and metal to country and bluegrass influences. Ash formed several bands in Texas over the years that included members of Broken Teeth, The Sons of Hercules, Johnny Law and not surprisingly, Cycle Sluts From Hell. It was Ash's involvement with Brian Smith (ex-Cycle Slut drummer) in the Austin based bands, Drama Queen and the Spoils that led him to New York City and an immediate position sharing lead guitar duties with Slut's Axemaster Lord Roadkill (Pete Lisa) in the newly reformed Cycle Sluts. After playing in the Sluts together with Ash, Tony and Dava  (a.k.a. Honey 1%'er) pulled him into the She Wolves lineup as an additional guitarist. Despite having a well-forged sound already, adding Ash to the band provided the missing link, complementing She Wolves like no other could.


She Wolves has played live and/or recorded with the following
Bass players:

Laura Safdie
Laura Sativa
Jamie Gorman
Sean Yseult
Gyda Gash
Randy Gregg